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Foul-smelling, messy environments have plagued operators like Gus for years. They've been subject to potentially harmful conditions,
prone to skin rashes, eye or lung irritation, and other health problems. But they're finally breathing easy with Hocut 795 coolant from Houghton International. Now you can, too.

Turn off your machines on Friday, as usual. When you return on Monday morning, how does the coolant look? How does it smell?

That bad? Like many coolants, it probably reeks. You might even be tempted to dump it. Life would be better if you used Hocut 795.
It looks, smells, and tests the same as it did on Friday . . . and nearly every day after without costly sumpside additives. With Hocut 795,
your sump will maintain its original, clean condition for months. *Even years. That means no mess. No stink. No sweat.

Hocut 795 enhances the quality of your metal products, too. It improves cooling performance, extends tool life, and enhances part finish.
No wonder it's the most widely used coolant in the industry . . . banishing the stink from 20 million sump gallons nationwide.

One Coolant for Every Metal

Hocut 795 is the one coolant that will perform in most applications and on a wide variety of metals. It's compatible with soft and hard water, and can be used with a wide range of machines such as Kingsburys, Bullards, bar machines, lathes, chuckers, and centerless and cylindrical grinders. Hocut 795 is ideal for medium- and heavy-duty applications involving virtually any metal or alloy, including: High- or low-carbon steels, Aluminum (especially automotive-grade cast aluminums), Alloy steels, Cast/nodular/gray iron, Titanium, Copper, Stainless steel


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